An app that scrapes Amazon reviews with Apify to Google Sheets.

An app that uses an Apify scraper to collect all reviews of a product and transfer it to a fresh Google Sheet. You must set the desired url in the environment variables.

This bot uses a custom scraper made in Apify that will scrape an Amazon product's reviews from its product review page. This can be accessed by clicking the "See all X reviews" link at the bottom of the reviews, and the url should contain /product-reviews/ in its body. The code for this scraper can be found here.

How to use#

  1. Create a new Apify account if you do not already have one.
  2. Click Auth & settings in Transposit, and authenticate with apify_v2 and google_sheets.
  3. Enter in your Amazon review URL in Environment variables on the same page.
  4. Open the Amazon Scrape operation, and run it.
  5. After a short wait, the operation should return a google sheet containing your scraped reviews.

Transposit Functions#

Amazon Scrape: The function to run to run the app. Returns the url of the Google sheet it made for you.

scrape_reviews: Calls the Apify scraper to scrape the given url.

sheets_copy: Copies the scraped data into a Google Sheet.

Expansion Ideas#

This is an example of a Apify Scraper to grab data from a source and pass it onto another platform (Google Sheets). Transposit allows you to parse your scraped data into many different platforms, so that you can spend less time inputting.

Additionally, this will start a fresh scrape every time you call the function. If you modify your scraper and operations, you could make this only scrape new reviews and append them to a document.

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