Run Athena queries, store the result in DynamoDB, and post the results to Slack.

This app shows how you could run Athena queries, store the result in DynamoDB, and post the results to Slack.

Try it#

Step 0: We assume you have set up Athena and Dynamodb in your infrastructure

Step 1: Run run_query, which runs a query against Athena, and returns an executionId, which is then stored in Dynamodb. The reason we store this executionId instead of using it right away is that your query may take a long time for Athena to finish.


query: the query you want to run on Athena. Example: select * from tableName limit 10

workGroup: Athena workgroup for running this query

resultLocation: query result output location. Usually people use an S3 bucket. Example s3://your.bucket.address.com/query-results

dynamoTableName: the Dynamo table you want to temporarily store query executionId in

Step 2: Once you have finished running an Athena query, you could run post_to_slack to send query results to yourself or a channel


dynamoTableName: the Dynamo table same as above

channelName: Slack channel name you want to post the data in. Use @yourUserName to send to yourself

Step 3: Create a scheduled task to query Athena every day

Fork this app, then navigate to Deploy -> Scheduled Tasks -> New Scheduled Task.

You will need to set up two scheduled tasks. The first scheduled task(run_query) stores executionId of an Athena query to DynamoDB, so the second scheduled task(post_to_slack) can take that executionId and fetch results. The first scheduled task should run before the second to make sure Athena can finish executing queries.

You should set up these fields for the first task:

task name : run_query

operation: run_query

cron schedule : 0 15 8 ? * *

You should set up these fields for the second task:

task name : post_to_slack

operation: post_to_slack

cron schedule : 0 17 8 ? * *

Then add necessary keys and parameters. You could click on Run now & show log to test these tasks.

What else can you do?#

Once you fork this app, you can expand and customize its functionalities. Some ideas:

  • Run Athena queries against your live data on Athena every hour, and post results to a slack channel
  • Grab user-related data from Athena and import to an analytics services like Amplitude or Mixpanel