Create a simple API with the list of AWS regions

Transposit can create simple APIs. In this sample app, Transposit exposes a list of all AWS regions to which you have access (and that have the EC2 service running in them).

Before you start#

You need a free Transposit account and an AWS account. The AWS user needs to have programmatic access (you need an aws_access_key_id and a aws_secret_access_key) and AmazonEC2ReadOnlyAccess permissions.

Transposit setup#

  • Fork the app https://console.transposit.com/t/transposit-sample/aws_regions (find the Fork button at the top of the editor view).
  • Navigate to Deploy > Production Keys and add a key for the aws_ec2 data connector.
  • Navigate to Deploy > Endpoints and note the URL of the aws_regions webhook, something like https://aws-regions.transposit.io/api/v1/execute-http/aws_regions.
  • Open up that URL and you should see all your regions as a JSON array.

Go further#

Consider upgrading this to show the list of availability zones as well as regions.