Get an @ mention if you break the build! Replaces the GitHub username in the build status message sent by CircleCI with the user's Slack ID.

This app will replace the GitHub username in the build status message sent by CircleCI with the user's Slack ID, which will @mention them in the channel. To learn more, read our blog post about how it was built.

To use it, fork this app and make the following modifications to your copy:

  1. In Code, there will be an operation named webhook. This operation has a parameter named channel. Set the default value of this parameter to the channel id of your Slack build notifications channel (click on the parameter name to set the default value). This will instruct the operation to route all messages to this channel. To get your channel ID, go to your Slack team's URL in a web browser (yourteamname.slack.com), click on the desired channel, and the id will be the last part of that URL. Commit your change.

  2. Navigate to Deploy > Endpoints and copy the webhook url (the URL following the "Point the caller to" text).

  3. Go to your Chatroom Integrations page in CircleCI. Replace the Slack-provided Webhook URL with the one you just copied, and save.

  4. Navigate to Deploy > Production Keys and add your Slack credential. We'll use this credential to send the Slack message from the Transposit Slack app.

  5. Have your teammates sign in to your application and provide their GitHub credentials. You can find the settings link under Users > User Configuration. Also, provide your own credentials via this link!

  6. If you'd like, you can restrict sign-in to only members of your Slack workspace in User Configuration. Your workspace ID is the second to last part of the URL found in Slack's web browser.

That's it! Make modifications to the app as you'd like. Happy routing!