Transfer files between repos using a Slack slash command.

Transposit is an excellent tool to create operations that modularize frequently-used API calls in many apps. In addition, it's very simple to create a Slack command in Transposit that automates a common task. This app demonstrates combining these two features into a single Slack command that copies a GitHub file from one repo to another (or to another path in the same repo, or to another branch).

Step through Transposit#

Set up Slack#

  • Go to your Slack apps and create a new app.
  • Select Slash Commands from the list of Slack features. Create a new command named /github-transfer.
  • Go back to Transposit to get the Request URL. Go to Deploy > Endpoints and copy the webhook URL. Paste it into the Slack command's Request URL field. Give it a short description and usage hint if desired.
  • Save your command.
  • Click Install App in the sidebar to install it into your workspace.
  • Test the app in Slack by typing /github-transfer. You should receive the "Please configure your user" message.

Do more!#

  • Try deploying the transfer_file operation for use in another connector!