This slack app will post new channels to a specified announcement channel.

Transposit is an excellent tool to create operations to extend Slack. If you've ever thought "why doesn't Slack do that?" now you can use Transposit to fill the gaps.
This particular application keeps a record of all new public channels in your Slack workspace and publishes the list to a configurable 'new channel announcement' channel.

Slack setup

  • Create a channel for new channel announcements. Suggested names: 'announcements' or 'new_channels'.

Transposit setup

  • Fork the app https://console.transposit.com/t/transposit-sample/new_channel_notifier (find the Fork button at the top of the editor view).
  • Navigate to Users > User Configuration and note the URL, something like https://new-channel-notifier-c0g4t.transposit.io.
  • Open up that URL and connect Slack (this will install a Slack application with limited privileges). Specify the channel name you created above.
  • Navigate to Deploy > Scheduled Tasks and run the scheduled_job operation on whatever schedule you'd like notifications to occur.