Reset all passwords in your Okta organization by sending a text with Twilio.

An app that uses Twilio and Okta together to demo the Transposit platform by expiring all passwords on a user organization.

By using webhooks, we can have Twilio call a function in Transposit with the text's metadata. Here, we ask the user to text their email address, which will then add that email to a raffle list hosted on airtable, and send that email a html message thanking them for attending the event.

expire_password: Expires the Okta password of a given user, forcing them to reset.

send_message: Sends a text notification to all users with numbers on record that their password was expired.

webhook: The function that is called when Twilio receives a text, which passes in the content to the respective places.

Expansion Ideas#

This is one example of organization management with Twilio and Okta. Look for more API calls for your Okta organization that you might want to invoke with a text message,

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