A bot that matches you with the soonest Pride event in your city, using Twilio and Apify.

A Twilio bot that sends you info on the sooner pride even in a given city. Read the blog post we wrote about it to learn more!

This bot uses a custom scraper made in apify to specifically scrape https://www.nighttours.com/gaypride/ for their events. The code for this scraper can be found here.

Using your own Twilio Phone Number#

When creating a Twilio app, you must have your own phone number to send a webhook to. Copy the webhook url from Deploy > Webhooks into the A Message Comes In field in Twilio.


get_event: A call to pull the items from the apify dataset generated by our scraper.

send_message: A Twilio call to send a text message from our bot.

update_events: An scheduled task that runs our apify task to re-scrape the website weekly in order to update the dataset.

webhook: The operation that listens for Twilio to tell us it received a message, and then run the operations to reply.

Expansion Ideas#

This is an example of a Twilio text bot that uses Apify to scrape data. An easy way to make it your own is to change the scraper to a different schedule, or list that you want to sort through.

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