Query Athena from Slack commands

This app allows you to run Athena queries from Slack using dynamic tasks. Dynamic tasks is a feature that allows users to programmatically create and destroy scheduled tasks from Transposit operations. Read more about this feature in our documentation

Example: /athena select * from [database_name] limit 10
When an user sends queries like above via Slack, a Transposit webhook gets invoked, sends a query request to Athena, then creates a scheduled task to check on query status every 5s. The webhook will post back to Slack once results become available.

Test against your own infrastructure

Step 0: Fork this app

Step 1: Set up Slack slash command
Go to api.slack.com, select Your Apps, then navigate to your app of choice to set up.
Click on Slack Commands on the left, then Create New Command.
In the Request URL field, enter the url you find in Transposit UI: Deploy -> Endpoints -> Webhook under 'cURL'
Enter command name of your choice for Command field

Step 2:
Make sure the app you just configured is installed, then navigate to Slack, type

/command_name select * from database_name