Organize a text-to-enter raffle, with Twilio, SendGrid, and Airtable working together.

An app that uses Twilio and SendGrid together to demo the Transposit platform and create a raffle.

By using webhooks, we can have Twilio call a function in Transposit with the text's metadata. Here, we ask the user to text their email address, which will then add that email to a raffle list hosted on airtable, and send that email a html message thanking them for attending the event.

create_record: Adds a given email to our airtable database with an API call.

get_records: Uses an API call to return a list off all emails

html: A helper function that stores the html content of our email.

raffle: A simple JAvaScript function that returns a random entry of our list from get_records.

reminder: Sends a reminder text to everyone who entered into the raffle to come back to the booth.

send_mail: A API to SendGrid that sends an email to a given email.

send_message: A Twilio API call to send a text message.

webhook: The function that is called when Twilio receives a text, which passes in the content to the respective places.

Expansion Ideas:#

If you already have a SendGrid campaign, you can use Transposit to add recipients to that campaign instead. You could also add a Twilio connector to text the user back a confirmation. Additionally, adding other connectors such as Salesforce will let you turn this tool into a way to automate lead generations.

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