An app that allows a user to make a help ticket in Smartsheets by using Slack

A Slackbot helper that lets users in a Slack workspace create helpdesk tickets in Smartsheet, based on the IT Request Management Template by Smartsheet.


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Create a Slack app

  1. Create an app at https://api.slack.com/apps

  2. Add a Slash command:

    1. Go back to the app settings and click on Slash Commands.
    2. Click the 'Create New Command' button and fill in the following:
      • Command: /helpdesk
      • Request URL: the generated webhook url for create_ticket in Transposit under Deploy
      • Short description: Create a helpdesk ticket
      • Usage hint: [the problem you're having]
  3. Navigate to Bot Users and click "Add a Bot User":

    1. Name the bot whatever you would like and click "Add Bot User" to create one.
  4. Enable Interactive components:

    1. Go back to the app settings and click on Interactive Components.
    2. Turn on the Interactivity switch.
    3. Set the Request URL to the generated webhook url for submit_ticket in Transposit under Deploy.
    4. Save the change.
  5. Navigate to the OAuth & Permissions page:

    1. Make sure the following scopes are pre-selected:
      • commands
      • bot
      • chat:write:bot
    2. Add https://accounts.transposit.com/oauth/v2/handle-redirect as a Redirect URI.
    3. Click 'Save Changes' and then click "Install App to Workspace".

Create your Database in Smartsheet

  1. If you are new to Smartsheet, check out their Learning Center.
  2. Download the IT Request Management Template to your Smartsheet account.

Connect Smartsheet and Slack in Transposit

  1. Configure your Slack App's connection to Transposit:

    1. Find your Client ID and Secret in your Slack app under Basic Information > App Credentials.
    2. In your Transposit app, go to Data connections > Slack > Authentication and change the values to your Slack app's Client ID and Secret.
  2. Configure your Smartsheet's connection to Transposit:

    1. In your Smartsheet sheet, click *File > Properties... and copy the value for Sheet ID.
    2. Add the Sheet ID value to environment variables in Transposit under Deploy > Environment Variables.
  3. Add Smartsheet and Slack's keys to production under Deploy > Production Keys and follow the instructions.

Try it out!

  1. Type your new slash command /helpdesk in your Slack workspace: you should get a dialog box allowing you to create a new help ticket.
  2. After creating the ticket, you should get a message from your bot telling you the ticket has been created.
  3. Refresh your Smartsheet: your new ticket should be there!

Transposit Functions

add_rows: Smartsheet API call to create a new ticket.

confirm_ticket: Contains the data to send a confirmation message back to a slack user.

create_ticket: The webhook function that is called after a slash command

open_dialog: API call for Slack to open a dialog.

submit_ticket: Webhook that is called when the dialog button is pushed.