Running AWS Athena queries from Slack

How can you query Athena from within Slack?

Image of Dan Moore Dan Moore · Sep 5th, 2019

Athena is a powerful AWS tool which lets you query data from a variety of sources using SQL. We love SQL here at Transposit. It has a friendly user interface that you can use when logged into the AWS console. But sometimes you just want to run a query from within your Slack application. There's a (Transposit) app for that.

You might want to see the latest user signups, or the delta of application errors between this week and last. This type of ad-hoc querying is a good fit for direct Athena queries (assuming, of course, that this data is available in Athena).

Things to watch out for:

If you'd like to install this application, see the sample application for full details. You'll probably want to fork it. There's also a longer blog post which dives into much more detail.

May the Slack be with you.

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