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Embracing chaos and community to prepare for the moments that matter

Laurel Frazier
Oct 1st, 2020

The entire Transposit team — DevOps Cat included — is thrilled to sponsor and virtually attend Gremlin’s Chaos Conf, the World’s Largest Chaos Engineering event, this upcoming Tuesday - Thursday, October 6 - 8!

Chaos engineering plays an integral role in incident management. Similar to the crash tests car companies use to test safety, this process enables teams to “stress test” systems and increase their reliability. However, the dependability of your systems is also contingent upon the experiences of your team. This is why the best runbooks take those experiences and turn them into shared knowledge. Chaos engineering can and should be a key component to preparing for outages before they happen — by ensuring your runbooks are accurate, up-to-date, and useful when an incident does occur.

We’re also excited to serve as a Diversity & Inclusion sponsor for the event. As a growing organization, we know that a thoughtful and purposeful approach to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging — both within our organization as well as the broader Tech community — enables us all to keep the human experience top of mind. One of Transposit’s core tenets is that the human operator is an inextricable element of a working system, just as they are to the culture and success of an organization and its products.

At Gremlin’s Failover Conference this past spring our community engineer, Taylor Barnett, spoke about human-in-the-loop automation and how it serves as a complement to increasing automation more sustainably into your stack. We had so much fun interacting with speakers and attendees, especially through a series of comics that ultimately served as DevOps Cat’s Conference debut. We can’t wait to descend into Chaos Conf — and share more of Yoko’s newest DevOps Cat comic (pictured) — next week! Let us know @transposit if you will be there too so we can connect!