Introducing New Integrations With ServiceNow, Jira Service Management, and GitHub

Unify IT Ops and DevOps and alleviate the pressure of continuous change

Jessica Abelson, Director of Product Marketing
Mar 17th, 2021

The rise of digital transformation and a cloud-first world has fundamentally changed the landscape for IT operations teams. As reliance on cloud services continues to soar, modern IT Ops teams are facing growing challenges keeping up with dynamic cloud infrastructure and an increasing number of service requests. Siloed work streams and an overwhelming amount of manual toil keep both dev and ops from delivering value both quickly and reliably.

The “move fast and break things” era has reached a new phase — move fast with stability. This will require the rigid silo between DevOps and legacy IT to be broken. A happy union between the two makes them both better, bringing to the partnership their best assets — a DevOps mindset of agility to deliver software quickly with IT Ops process controls that ensure reliability.

New Transposit integrations with ServiceNow, Jira Service Management, and GitHub offer a well-paved bridge between DevOps and IT Ops, empowering teams to modernize service request management and scale Infrastructure as Code practices.

An agile approach to service request management & Infrastructure as Code

Our agile, collaborative, and automated approach breaks down barriers and helps IT teams deliver services at scale. What often takes over a dozen manual steps by various people can now be executed through a single Transposit runbook. Whether it’s enabling full self-service access for common requests or using a human-in-the-loop workflow when some guidance or approval is needed, IT Ops teams can tackle requests and changes swiftly and securely.

Transposit workflows using the new integrations allows users to submit infrastructure requests for cloud services including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform via their ticketing systems like Jira and ServiceNow, or within chat platforms such as Slack and Teams, and Transposit will automatically grab and parse the data to make it structured. Then, Transposit can either automatically create a GitHub pull request using IaC practices or a human can intervene.

Modernize service request management

Service request management today is time-consuming and a huge burden on IT Ops resources, slowing down access to the services that development teams need to drive innovation and customer value. IT teams are too often pouring time and money into manually building custom glue code to stitch together the expanding list of services teams use.

There’s a better way. Our integrations with ServiceNow and Jira Service Management enable teams to automate service requests for cloud infrastructure and cloud SaaS products, reducing toil and removing bottlenecks with the ability to autonomously execute self-service operations safely across infrastructures.

Customizable runbooks are built for scale, abstracting away the complexity of APIs so all your services play nice together. Request and fulfill straight from chat in Slack or Microsoft Teams, or let Transposit pull data from ServiceNow or Jira to execute the desired behavior.

Scale Infrastructure as Code practices

As the demands on infrastructure increase, teams need to support complex deployments at immense scale and speed. Transposit enables teams to run more consistent, secure Infrastructure as Code practices through a simple user interface, reducing the reliance on experts and accelerating delivery.

Our GitHub integration adds layers of assurance while adopting and scaling IaC and GitOps practices. Transposit reduces risk by exposing repositories through workflows that target a single file. This way, teammates can create targeted pull requests whether or not they have full access to the repository.

Workflows executable through chat or the Transposit UI offer a safe interface to make configuration changes with verified, sanitized input data and managed auth. Simple input prompts reduce the potential for errors by ensuring descriptions are formatted correctly and modifications are predictable and consistent.

Automatic timelines provide a full audit trail that records every action in connection with specific users. When errors or questions arise, understanding what happened and who made changes is quick and easy.

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