Sleek. Simple. Supercharged. The New Transposit Makes Automation Approachable

Transposit makes automation approachable and accessible to anyone managing ops, regardless of their expertise or the tools they use

Image of Jessica Abelson
Jessica Abelson, Director of Product Marketing
Jan 10th, 2023

Get a first look! Introducing Transposit: Making Automation Approachable
Live Webinar | Thursday, January 26th at 9:00 am PST

Operations has fundamentally changed in the past two decades, with more people than ever before responsible for managing complex systems. However, the proliferation of SaaS tools and APIs has resulted in knowledge and data becoming siloed and documentation that quickly goes out-of-date. When you’re on-call and get paged at 3 am, that knowledge is your lifeline. It’s a painful awakening when you’re left without the certainty of what steps to take or who to reach out to for help.

Automation is a great solution to relieve some of the human burden (whether you’re groggy or just less familiar with a certain service). But here’s the thing — too often workflow tools require technical expertise and institutional knowledge to set up, maintain, and use, or they fail to have the breadth of integrations and extensibility that ops teams really need. This is where the new Transposit comes in, with a focus on making automation approachable and accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their expertise or the tools they use.

Transposit makes automation effortless, with Scripts that are easy to build and customize, Activities that automatically track your work, automation triggered right from Slack, and our low-code builder that makes all this a breeze. But "approachable automation" is more than just a user-friendly interface — it's built into the very core of Transposit. Transposit is the only system that can literally connect all your tools and services, whatever they are. Our infrastructure is purpose-built to adapt as technology and processes evolve (especially important in the fast-paced world of operations, where new software is constantly emerging and priorities can shift quickly). Watch the Product Demo to see Transposit in action.

Now, let’s try this again. Imagine it's 3 am, and you get paged. Before even opening your laptop, an incident was automatically created from a Datadog alert (or any other tool), triggering a Script which created a Slack channel and Zoom meeting and notified the right people. With one click, you start investigating the incident, pulling CloudWatch metrics, running an AWS service status check, and pulling recent GitHub commits. Whatever you uncover, you can easily take action across the stack, from scaling or restarting a server to rolling back a recent commit. Then, leave the postmortem to us — everything has been automatically recorded. Your bed is calling.

Read on to learn how we've redesigned and updated our product to make automation simpler, more flexible, and more powerful than ever.

Activities: ticketing that brings knowledge and actionability together#

Every team needs a source of truth and a place to store knowledge. But ticketing, traditionally, has been wrought with manual toil. It’s siloed from where teams actually take action and puts the burden on humans to make every update.

Transposit Activities bring actionability and knowledge together, automatically tracking your work across incidents, requests, and tasks. They provide all the data you're used to seeing in tickets, plus the ability to automate actions across your stack — and everything is automatically recorded to the Timeline.

Activities provide:

  • Scripts: Automate an Action or a group of Actions, prompt a user for input, or auto-update an Activity Field — all in the low-code builder
  • To Dos: Add instructions, best practices, or reminders for the operator
  • Timelines: Get an automatic audit trail of every human and machine action

Take incident management as an example. You’re experiencing high 500 errors on your website. An Activity could be automatically created from a webhook event coming from Datadog, BigPanda, New Relic, or any other tool. From Activity creation, a Script could be triggered that carries out a series of actions, like:

  • Create a Slack channel & invite teammates
  • Create a Zoom meeting
  • Notify the right people
  • Pull CloudWatch metrics
  • Run an AWS Service status check

In literally seconds, you’ve taken a series of critical steps to bring the right people together and respond to the incident. You can then execute other Scripts (from Transposit’s interface or from Slack) with a click of a button.

We’ve also reduced the toil of ticketing by enabling teams to auto-update Activity Fields using Scripts. Without lifting a finger, your Activity metadata is up-to-date with any relevant links, the incident commander, or any other important data you’ve piped into a specific field.

Every action taken within an Activity is automatically recorded to the Timeline, providing a full audit trail for compliance and to drive improvements.

Scripts: automation that’s built to be flexible#

Transposit Scripts provide a powerful yet flexible way to incrementally automate your workflows. You may start off simply documenting your process in “To dos” (a checklist of work to be done, instructions, and best practices). But over time, you’ll notice opportunities to automate parts of your process, which can easily be done in the low-code builder.

Scripts can perform many duties, like:

  • Running an Action or a group of Actions (e.g. create a Slack channel, pull CloudWatch metrics, scale ECS)
  • Prompting a user for input
  • Updating an Activity Field

They can be triggered automatically by an Activity being created or updated, or executed manually in Transposit or with a Slack command.

Timelines: insights that optimize your workflow#

Gathering insights, maintaining a source of truth, and ensuring compliance are all critical parts of a well-oiled operations team — but, until now, these endeavors have remained largely manual.

Transposit Timelines bake improvement and compliance into the process. They automatically track every action (whether manual or automatic), creating a full audit trail that provides a long-lasting database of knowledge, helps teams drive improvement, and ensures compliance.

Timelines exist at both the Organization and Activity level, so teams and stakeholders have visibility at any level of granularity.

Connectors: BYOS (bring your own stack)#

Transposit Connectors unify workflows across all the tools and services in your environment. With hundreds of pre-built Connectors and Actions, Transposit integrates with the DevOps tools and services teams use and love, including:

  • AWS (CloudFormation, CloudWatch, CodePipeline, EC2, ECS, Lambda, OpsWorks, Secrets Manager, Service Status)
  • Atlassian (Jira, Confluence, Opsgenie, Statuspage)
  • Azure
  • CircleCI
  • Datadog
  • GitHub
  • GCP Cloud Compute
  • Google (Drive, Calendar, Docs, Groups, Workspace Admin)
  • Heroku
  • Jenkins
  • New Relic
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Octopus Deploy
  • PagerDuty
  • ServiceNow
  • Slack
  • Splunk
  • Zendesk
  • Zoom

Developer Platform: sky’s the limit with infinite extensibility#

While teams can do a lot in the low-code builder and we provide hundreds of pre-built integrations, we always want to give users the opportunity to customize further. Our Developer Platform ensures that whatever tools you use or however often your processes change, Transposit can easily adapt.

Fully extensible, the Developer Platform includes an IDE and serverless runtime environment that supports common coding languages (SQL, Python, JavaScript). It provides git-based versioning, built-in identity management, and API handling. Here, teams can easily create new Connectors, Actions, and Data Parsers to be used throughout workflows.

Approachable automation makes operations accessible to every engineer#

We’re excited to unveil how we’ve redesigned the product to give every engineer a seat at the operations table. With engineers having new ways to work, the solutions they use should adapt and facilitate growth and maturity. Wherever you’re at in your operational maturity journey, we can meet you there. Request a demo to learn more and see Transposit in action.