Transposit + DevOps Enterprise Summit

One-click resolution directly in Slack

See how Transposit can make on-call life better for engineering teams with easier communication, one-click resolution directly in Slack, automatic post-mortems and more.

Incident management is a pain in the Saas! Answer our one-question survey about your incident management pain and get a free beanie.

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Ths Spectrum of Automation

Learn how to strategically increase automation in your stack to drive uptime and reduce MTTR.

Uptime has never mattered more, but transitioning to a fully remote on-call rotation can be hard for technology teams. Read our expert guide to help smooth the transition in your org.

Managing On-Call in a Pandemic

5 Simple Steps to DevOps Automation

Don’t have time to read an eBook? Check out this bite-sized one-page guide to DevOps Automation.

Learn how to strategically automate around your human to get what you want with a comic guide to human-in-the-loop automation.

DevOps Cat's Guide to Automation

Watch our talk: Speeding to Resolution with Human-in-the-loop Automation

Tuesday, October 13, 2:45-3:15pm PST

Video: Speeding to Resolution with Human-in-the-loop Automation

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Uplift Your Spirits 🥃

Tuesday, October 13, 5:30pm PST

Learn the ins and outs of what makes a good Scotch (and a bonnie rob roy) with Sarah McKinney, sommelier and spirits expert from 3-Michelin star icon The French Laundry. Win top shelf prizes in the raffle.

The Power of Debrief 🍷

Wednesday, October 14, 5:30pm PST

Join special guest Fighter Pilot Anthony 'AB' Bourke to learn how to bring your incident management to new heights. Hear about the power of post-mortems and participate in an "ask me anything" Q&A featuring nail-biting stories from 9/11 and more. Win a reserve pinot noir from AB’s winery in Russian River Valley