Datadog Graph Dashboard

Get timeseries graphs from a Datadog Dashboard.

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  • Name: Datadog


  • Name: dashboard_id
  • Description: Found in the URL of a dashboard. For the URL "" the dashboard id is "a2b-6ab-abc"
  • Type: STRING
  • Default:
  • Name: last_x_min
  • Description: How long ago from the current time (in minutes) do you want to see in the graph?
  • Type: NUMBER
  • Default: 60
  • Name: widget_id
  • Description: If you view your graph in full-screen, the link will look something like this:<dashboard_id>/mygraph?from_ts=1617304154978&fullscreen_section=overview&fullscreen_widget=1813870745922918. Enter in the value of fullscreen_widget. If a value is not provided, you will be given the option to select a widget at runtime.
  • Type: STRING
  • Default:

Input parameters

  • Name: query_id
  • Description:
  • Type: STRING