Deploy application with AWS OpsWorks

Deploy an OpsWorks application from an existing OpsWorks stack. It pulls the latest code from the repository URL the stack is configured with.

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  • Name: AWS OpsWorks


Input parameters

  • Name: stack_id
  • Description: The stack's OpsWorks ID (UUID). Found under *Stack Settings*
  • Type: STRING
  • Name: application_id
  • Description: The application's OpsWorks ID (UUID). This action will deploy the latest version of your code from the application's repository URL. A dropdown of apps will be provided if the Stack ID is pre-configured.
  • Type: STRING
  • Name: deploy_comment
  • Description:
  • Type: STRING
  • Name: should_poll
  • Description: Whether or not to poll for app deployment results. The polling has a timeout of 5 minutes.
  • Type: BOOLEAN