Create a linked MS Teams channel

Create a Microsoft Teams channel linked to the current Transposit activity.

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  • Name: Transposit Mission Control API
  • Name: Microsoft Teams


Input parameters

  • Name: team_name
  • Description: Microsoft Teams team name. Note: If the team name is not unique, please specify the team id instead.
  • Type: STRING
  • Name: team_id
  • Description: (Optional: Takes precedence over team name). To find: In Teams click '...' next to the Team name, select 'Get link to team', and copy the groupId from the url.
  • Type: STRING
  • Name: name
  • Description:
  • Type: STRING
  • Name: description
  • Description:
  • Type: STRING
  • Name: privacy
  • Description: Channel privacy. Either "private" or "standard"
  • Type: STRING
  • Name: subscribe
  • Description: Subscribe the channel to the Transposit Activity?
  • Type: BOOLEAN