Create a Zoom meeting

Create a Zoom meeting.

Fork and customize


  • Name: Zoom


Input parameters

  • Name: topic
  • Description: Topic for the Zoom meeting
  • Type: STRING
  • Name: description
  • Description: Meeting description (agenda)
  • Type: STRING
  • Name: host_email
  • Description: (Optional) e-mail address associated with a zoom account, to set as the host of the meeting. If blank, use the authenticated account as the host.
  • Type: STRING
  • Name: password
  • Description: Zoom meeting password. This will be encoded in the URL posted, and does not need to be entered manually to join.
  • Type: STRING
  • Name: duration
  • Description: Meeting duration in minutes. The meeting will continue past the duration automatically if participants are in the meeting.
  • Type: INTEGER
  • Name: record
  • Description: (Optional) How to record the meeting. Valid values: 'none', 'cloud', 'local'.
  • Type: STRING