Creating To Dos

Each activity can have a list of To Do items that must be done for the activity to be completed.

To Do items are lightweight reminder items that can be controlled via the web page, over chat, or via a script.

  1. Display the Activities. In your service group, select Activities and click the activity that you'd like to explore and edit.

  2. Display an Activity's To Dos. The layout of your activity is inherited from the template you use to define it.

    For example, when you create a new request activity, the To Dos are shown in the center pane of the activity, as shown below.

    Alternatively, when you create a new incident activity, the To Dos are shown in a tab on the right, as shown below.

  3. Explore a To Do. Expand the To Do to read the related instructions and note that a script may be associated with it, so that you can click a button to automate the To Do.

  4. Use the To Do. When you check the checkbox indicating that the To Do is complete, the Timeline is updated accordingly. If you change your mind and set it to incomplete, the Timeline reflects this too.

Next Steps#