Using Activities

An activity coordinates people across work channels.

Each activity has a feed of posts reflecting comments from users and updates to the state of the activity.

Posts can be generated by scripts, service integrations, and direct user submissions.

Creating a new activity is a typical starting point when you are using Transposit.

  1. Select a Template. In your Service Group, click the drop-down list in the top right and choose the template applicable to your needs.

A template holds the default fields and values for an activity, with scripts and triggering rules. You will create all your activities from a template. Each template is named and associated to a specific service group and can be customized to extend the provided fields, scripts, and todo items.

  1. Define the Activity. Once you have selected a template, fill out the dialog that appears.

    For example, fill out the dialog as follows.

  2. Create the Activity. When you click Create, the activity is created and you can track its progress in the Timeline.