JavaScript SDK

Use the Transposit JavaScript SDK to call operations from a web app.

Configure user sign-in

  1. Navigate to Users > User Configuration
  2. Specify Successful sign-in URIs. Transposit allows redirection only to these URIs during sign-in. Leave this list empty to redirect users to the user settings page after signing in.
  3. Optionally, provide a custom Google Client ID and Google Client Secret pair
  4. Save the configuration

Restrict sign-in

You can restrict sign-in to specific Google GSuite domains or users.

  1. Navigate to Users > User Configuration > Registration and Login
  2. Select Restrict to specific whitelisted domains and users
  3. Specify your restrictions

Deploy endpoints

Deploy the operations you want to call from your web app as endpoints.

  1. Navigate to Deploy > Endpoints
  2. Find the operation you want to deploy
  3. Choose Deployed from the dropdown menu
  4. Check only Require user sign-in
  5. Save your changes

Read the SDK documentation

Once you have configured user sign-in and deployed endpoints, use the SDK to build your web app. Follow our SDK documentation on GitHub.