Exploring Transposit

Transposit has been configured and you're logged in for the first time. Now you're wondering what to do next!

Let's start using Transposit to simplify and streamline your processes. We'll explore the Inbox, Project Center, Timeline, and Actions Catalog.


When you're logged into Transposit, you will be dropped into your Inbox, with a list of activities that have been assigned to you.

Click into one of the activities to see its activity feed, to dos, and scripts.

Project Center#

The available projects are defined in the Project Center, which is the hub for collections of people, assets, and workflows that allow users to get work done.

Click into one of the projects to see its overview, activities, timeline, templates, webhooks, and people.


The timeline tracks all activities in one place, letting you filter by type, start date, and end date.

Actions Catalog#

In the Actions catalog, you can browse through all the external technologies that you can weave together in your scripts.

Each action in the catalog includes a link giving you access to source code, which you can customize in Python and JavaScript to meet your specific needs. Or why not fork an action, all the code is available to you on GitHub.

Next Steps#