Using Transposit Slack Commands

As one of your first steps when starting your journey with Transposit, check that Slack has been set up and that a custom Slack field is available in the templates that you will be using to create your activities.

You will then be able to set up Slack in your activities and to use Transposit from Slack, as described below.

In Slack, you can use the following commands to interact with Transposit.

Slack CommandDescription
/tt newCreate new activity.
/tt editEdit current activity.
/tt runRun script.

Slack /tt Command#

In Slack, use the /tt command to initiate interaction between Slack and Transposit, together with the commands below.

Create New Activities in Slack#

Type /tt new to create new activities from your Slack channel.

Edit the Current Activity in Slack#

Type /tt edit to edit the current activity from your Slack channel.

Run Scripts in Slack#

Type /tt run to see the scripts that can be run from your Slack channel.

Then type /tt run followed by the slug defined for the script, such as /tt run HELLOWORLD.

Next Steps#