Building Slack bots, slash commands, and workflows

Slack is a growing hub for collaboration. Beyond just team messaging, Slack lets you build powerful extensions that turn it into an interface to all of the tools and applications that your team uses. Through bots, slash commands, automated workflows, and notifications, make yourself and your team Slack power users.

The best Slack apps are the ones perfectly adapted to your needs. The Slack App Directory has over 15k listings, but Slack workspaces use over 450k custom integrations every week. One size doesn't fit all. When you want to build a Slack extension that's tailored to your specific needs, Transposit handles the overhead so you get to focus on the fun. Imagine connecting Slack to AWS, Jira, or CircleCI without worrying about auth!

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Key Features#

Managed authentication 🔐
Your Slack integrations need to work with cloud services on behalf of your users. Transposit manages users, their credentials, refreshing tokens, and storing them securely.
User customization 🎨
When you’re building a custom Slack integration you want it to be, well, custom! Transposit gives a simple mechanism to let users customize: specify a Jira query, pick a Google calendar, add a phone number for SMS alerts
Broad API support 📱
Connect and authenticate in seconds to the services you use. Experiment interactively rather than scouring documentation. Check out the growing list-none of connectors here
Up-level your work 🤔
Transposit’s relational engine puts SQL in front of any API. And lets you mix in JavaScript when you need. Write less code in a language designed to manipulate, transform, and compose data.
Severless 🚀
Build your logic and let Transposit host it for you. Build and deploy a bot for your entire team in minutes. Really.
Fork and customize examples 🌳
Try some of our sample apps or some apps built by other developers. Close but not what you need? Fork it, and customize it. You don’t need to start from scratch.

Sample applications#

Here's a few starting points. Try them out, view the code, fork a copy, customize to suit your needs.

App icon

CircleCI Router

Get an @ mention if you break the build! Replaces the GitHub username in the build status message sent by CircleCI with the user's Slack ID.

View code

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GitHub Transfer

Transfer files between repos using a Slack slash command.

View code

App icon

Slack vacation helper

Automatically set your Slack status while your Google Calendar says you're away on vacation.

View code Try it ↗

Next steps#

  • Slash commands: Build custom commands that integrate with your other apps.
  • Chatbots: Build bots that chime in with useful info or can hold up their end of a conversation.
  • Workflows: Build workflows, elevating important decisions and automating the rest.
  • Notifications: Consolidate notifications in Slack; provide contextual info and actions.