Zendesk Help Center (version v1.*.*)


Adds a post to the specified topic



Type: object

"post" : {
"comment_count" : "The number of comments on the post",
"pinned" : "When true, pins the post to the top of its topic",
"featured" : "Whether the post is featured",
"created_at" : "When the topic was created",
"title" : "The title of the post",
"follower_count" : "The number of followers on the post",
"url" : "The API url of the topic",
"updated_at" : "When the topic was last updated",
"html_url" : "The community url of the topic",
"closed" : "Whether further comments are allowed",
"details" : "The details of the post",
"vote_sum" : "The sum of upvotes (+1) and downvotes (-1), which may be positive or negative",
"id" : "Automatically assigned when the post is created",
"topic_id" : "The id of the topic the post belongs to",
"author_id" : "The id of the author of the post. *Writable on create by Help Center managers",
"vote_count" : "The total number of upvotes and downvotes",
"status" : "The status of the post. Possible values are \"planned\", \"not_planned\" , \"answered\", or \"completed\""


This operation has no parameters