$body parameter

Many Transposit operations have a parameter named $body to represent the request body of the operation. The $body can be written as plain JSON in a JavaScript operation or a JSON-like object constructed through a SELECT statement in SQL.

For example, the following JS and SQL operations are equivalent:

function run(params) {
return api.run("spotify.create_playlist",
user_id: "12345",
$body: {public: true, name: "My New Playlist"}
SELECT * FROM spotify.create_playlist
WHERE user_id='12345'
AND $body=(SELECT {
'public' : true,
'name' : 'My New Playlist'

Note: the single quotes are optional for public and name in the SQL call, but string values, i.e My New Playlist should be single-quoted.

Ability to extract from $body#

The $body parameter supports nested object assignment, similar to a JSON object.

For example: the above SQL statement can also be written as

SELECT * FROM spotify.create_playlist
WHERE user_id='12345'
AND $body.public = true
AND $body.name = 'My New Playlist'

Duplicate variable assignments are not allowed.

Extracted $body parameters can also be objects. For example:

SELECT * FROM stripe.create_charge
WHERE $body.shipping = (SELECT {
'carrier': 'USPS',
'name': 'Transposit',
'address': {
'city': 'San Francisco',
'state': 'CA',
'postal_code': '94108',
'line1': '49 Geary St'
AND $body.shipping.address.country = 'USA'
AND $body= (SELECT {
'description' : 'Plants for the office',
'source': 'tok_visa',
'amount': 200,
'currency': 'USD'