Creating a basic data connector

Suppose you have a public API with JSON data accessible at a URL like this:

Using SwaggerHub or similar editor, you can implement an OpenAPI (f.k.a. Swagger) file representing this single API endpoint.

To turn an OpenAPI file into a basic data connector in Transposit:

1. Create an application

Create a new Transposit application with a sensible name, e.g. yourname/bare_bones.

2. Clone the respository

Clone the application's code respository, e.g.:

  git clone

3. Modify the source code

Update the application's source code tree to contain two files, manifest.json and bare_bones.yaml. Note that this may require deleting existing boilerplate code.


"v2": {
"swagger": {
"source": "bare_bones.yaml"


openapi: 3.0.0
- url:
version: "1.0.0"
title: Exemplary Bare Bones API
operationId: getFunData
description: Easy

4. Commit and push

Commit your changes and push back to Transposit.

You can now add your data connector yourname/bare_bones as a dependency in another application, and invoke the getFunData operation.