Create a readme file

You can create a readme file for any Transposit application.

This readme is versioned and available in the console at all times. The format of the readme is markdown. When the application is forked, the readme file is also forked.

Information you might want to include in a readme:

  • How to get started using the application
  • Application dependencies
  • More detailed information about how your application uses its data connections
  • A link to an application website
  • Licensing information

Create a readme#

  • Commit your changes, if any, in the console.
  • Clone your repository.
  • Create a file called
  • Add your content.
  • Commit the file: git add && git commit -m "added readme"
  • Push your commit up: git push origin master.
  • Reload the console in your browser.

Then you can click the 'Readme' button next to the 'Fork this app' button. You can also pop it out into its own tab.


  • Images can be included using standard markdown syntax but they have to be hosted elsewhere. You must use an absolute URL to refer to images.
  • You can't edit the readme file using the console. You must use the command line.
  • Readme files can only be read by logged in users.