Getting Help

Can't find what you're looking for in the documentation? Running into a confusing error? Email us at support@transposit.com. You can also reach us via the Intercom chat bubble in the bottom right of the console's Code view.

Granting support access

In order to help diagnose and debug issues, you can temporarily provide the Transposit support team access to an app and associated code. To do this, navigate to Settings > App Info and click the support checkbox.

What applications should use Transposit?

  • Anything that connects with multiple data sources and APIs
  • Bots and utilities for interacting with/integrating multiple applications
  • Automating custom workflows as applications
    • Not just event-based—on-demand (calling out to other sources of data)
    • standalone
  • Applications that require access management (eg, to business data)
    • Useful in big organizations
    • Sharing data with customers or partners
    • With security concerns
  • Aggregating data from multiple sources into a custom interfaces that also allow you to modify data in the source applications.

How is Transposit different from Zapier/IFTTT/Workato/etc.?

  • Applications, not workflows.
  • No wiki describing N setup steps required to share your application
  • Error-proof, share, and customize your presentation

Automatic pagination

It is common for APIs that return a long list of results to paginate those results, often relying on the caller to keep track of a cursor or page number. Transposit takes care of iterating through these paginated APIs for you and returns a single list of all of the results.

Paginated operations are denoted by a green "paginated" tag in the documentation for the data connection.

Transposit will continue paginating such APIs until it reaches the limit specified in your query, or the API has no more results. For this reason, it is important to always provide a limit when using a paginated operation.

Licensing applications

You may want to include a LICENSE file with your application because Transposit users who can view your application can also create a fork of your application. This is especially true of public applications that all Transposit users can view.

To add a LICENSE to your application:

  • Clone your application's git repository
  • Add a LICENSE file in the root directory of your git repository
  • Commit and push the LICENSE back upstream to Transposit

Henceforth, all forks of your application will include your LICENSE file.

How can I add a required JavaScript library

The libraries that are currently available are listed here.

If you need a different JavaScript library for your application to work, please reach out to use at support@transposit.com and let us know what you are looking for.