Google push notifications

To use Google's push notifications, use the instructions below.


Register your Transposit application domain with Google

  • Follow the instructions at Deploy > Site Verification.
  • Add the newly verified domain to your Google project.

Set up your OAuth2 credentials and enable the service API

You can use a Transposit operation to watch Google events and register your previously
created webhook as the callback. However, the OAuth2 credentials must match the project
where you registered Transposit as a domain above. This means that you cannot use the Tranposit-provided OAuth settings, and must provide your own client ID and secret.

Tell Transposit to use those OAuth2 credentials

  • In your Transposit application, add the data connector for the desired Google service.
  • If not prompted with a button to configure Authentication, click Cancel and go to Code > Data Connections and find your data connector.
  • Click Authentication > Configure, replace the Client ID and Client secret with the values from the previous step.
  • Save your changes.
  • Click Add Key for your connector. You should now see your Google project's consent screen.

Create a webhook in Transposit to receive the callback

  • Create a new application in Transposit
  • Create a new operation, select Webhook, and commit the code.
  • Grab the http endpoint for the webhook under Deploy > Endpoints. Under the webhook you will find the deployed URL.


Create a new SQL operation to initiate the watch.

Google Calendar example. The @id parameter should be a UUID or similar unique string that identifies this channel.

SELECT * FROM google_calendar.watch_calendar_events
WHERE calendarId='primary'
AND $body=(SELECT {
"address" : "https://{app}.transposit.io/api/v1/execute-http/webhook?api_key={key}",
"type" : "web_hook",
"token" : "test-token"
AND $body.id = @id
AND $body.params.ttl = "86400"

Schedule a task to refresh the watch

If you used the above TTL (in seconds), you will need to refresh the watch every day.

  • Go to Deploy > Scheduled Tasks.
  • Create a new scheduled task.
  • Choose the watch operation you created above.
  • Use a cron schedule similar to 0 0 1 ? * *.
  • Save the scheduled task.

Unauthorized webhook callback channel errors

If you receive this error, it probably means you did not register your Transposit application domain with Google properly.