Manual alert triggers

Here's how to set up a manual alert trigger. Once configured, you can create an alert in a channel by using a Slack slash command, create incidents tied to those alerts, and invoke Transposit workflows to remediate the incidents.

Transposit Trigger Setup #

  1. On the Transposit site, navigate to Settings > Triggers, and click Add trigger. Choose "Manual alert integrator", enter a Slack channel, and click Add.

Add trigger in Transposit

  1. Find the trigger you just added, and copy the "Endpoint URL".

Slack Slash Command Setup #

  1. Go to your Slack's app page, search for "Slash Commands" and select the app with the same name.

Add slash commands app to Slack

  1. Click the Add to Slack button to create a new slash command, enter a name for your slash command and click the Add Slash Command Integration button.

Add a slash command to Slack

  1. In the Integrations Settings section, set the URL field to the Endpoint URL you copied from the Transposit site, and click Save.

Add endpoint URL to Slack slash command

The Slack slash command is now setup to call this trigger.

Note: The text provided as an argument to the slash command will be the title of the alert.