Opsgenie triggers

Here's how to set up an Opsgenie trigger. Once configured, you can route new Opsgenie alerts to a Slack channel, and invoke Transposit workflows to remediate or resolve incidents tied to those alerts.

1. Copy the endpoint URL from a trigger #

2. In Opsgenie, navigate to Integrations list #

3. Find “Webhook” in the list, and click “Add” #

4. In the Webhooks Settings page: #

  • Set “assign to team” to a team. We usually set up a “test-team” so the test alerts don’t get routed to them
  • Delete unnecessary workflows under “For Opsgenie alerts”. Ensure you only have “if alert is created” selected. Alternatively, you could have your own custom workflows on Opsgenie to invoke a Transposit trigger
  • Paste the endpoint URL copied in step 1 above to “Webhook URL”
  • Click “Save Integration”

5. Test the webhook #

To test, navigate to “Alerts” in the left navigation. Click “Create Alert” on the top right corner of the page. Set “Responders” to be the same as “Assigned to Team” above, and click “Create”.