Release Notes: March 2022

Welcome to the March 2022 update to Transposit, featuring new actions and connectors, and several usability enhancements.

The term “integrations” has now been replaced with “connectors” throughout Transposit, including in the Transposit documentation.

New Actions and Connectors

New connectors are now available for:

New actions have been developed for:

Usability Enhancements

We’ve made several usability enhancements throughout Transposit:

  • Inline editing. In multiline runbook fields, such as for the descriptions and section titles, inline editing is now supported. You can press Shift+Enter for OK/Cancel and Enter to save.

    A link to Markdown help is provided right within Transposit to help you while formatting, opening a modal dialog within Transposit so that you don’t lose context.

  • Inline triggers. You can now add triggers inline in the start step of your runbooks, in the same way that you add actions and conditions.

  • Clearer validation for action chains. We’ve made error messaging and user interface validation clearer, especially focused on helping you while putting together action chains in runbooks.