Release Notes: October 2021

Welcome to the October 2021 updates to Transposit, with new actions, the ability to edit in Slack, event types for webhooks, and multiline options for actions.

New Actions

New actions have been developed for:

  • Airtable. create record, update record.
  • Github. create release, create repo
  • Google. drive create drive
  • GoToMeeting. create meeting
  • ipStack. get address
  • Octopus. deploy release

Edit Activities in Slack

Continuing to elevate Slack as a first class user experience, all fields in an activity are now editable directly in Slack via the new /transposit edit command. Popping up a modal dialog in Slack, the command lets you make changes and save them, updating the changed fields in Transposit.

Webhook Event Types

For better troubleshooting of webhook events, you can assign tags to events when creating your webhooks in Transposit. When alerts are received via your webhooks, you can use their tags to easily identify, filter, and group them.

Multiline Option for Actions

When you're developing actions in the Developer Platform, you can now specify that a field needs to be multiline so that the text can be read in its entirety, simplifying the editing of the field by runbook writers and executors.