Creating your first runbook

This guide will help you create your first runbook in Transposit. A runbook in Transposit creates consistent processes for any activity, such as an incident or task. All runbooks are backed by git.

  1. In the top navigation, go to the Runbooks section and select New runbook.
  2. You can add a title (required) and description of the Runbook in the right hand panel under Runbook details. Runbook descriptions can use Markdown for styling.
  3. Select + Add to add steps for the runbook. To edit the steps, navigate to the the right hand panel and select Step details. For step details, you can add a title (required) and description. Runbook step descriptions can also use Markdown too.
  4. Next, add an + Action to your runbook step, you have the option to choose from a library of pre-built or custom actions. Make sure to fill out any environment variables specific to this instance of your action.
  5. If you want an action to automatically run when the runbook starts, you can add this in Triggers for that action. You can learn more about different trigger options here.
  6. If you want a runbook to automatically run based on specific conditions, you can + Add triggers under the Runbook details.
  7. To test your runbook, return to the Runbooks tab. Click the ... menu on your desired runbook and select "Run".

Happy runbooking!