Setting Activity Fields

As the next step in an action chain, you can choose to set a value in a field in the activity in which the runbook runs. Typically, you’ll use this to take output from a previous action in the chain and put it into an activity field.

For example, when you're working through a scenario where you want to set an activity’s related links, you can make the corresponding actions as granular as possible: you can choose whether setting related links is part of an action and also whether to send the action’s output into the related links property or into any other activity field you want.

Click Set activity field under an action.

Choose the activity field you want to set.

  1. Set the value for the activity field in the panel to the right of the runbook, as shown below.
  2. Use the Data button to pull data from the activity, runbook, action, or trigger to use in the value, as described in Adding Action Parameters.

Next Steps#