Modernize Incident Management

Automated, collaborative, and extensible, Transposit is the first AI-powered incident management platform. Automate the entire incident lifecycle and resolve incidents faster.

Instantly Reach the Right People

We bring on-call management and incident response together with our adaptive escalation infrastructure.

  • Create on-call schedules, escalation policies, and quickly reach the right person via text, phone, or Slack.
  • Spring to action faster with alerts that provide context and automated runbooks that guide teams from start to finish.

Fully Automate the Beginning of an Incident

Reduce the first ten steps of an incident to an instant. Connect any tool to Transposit to kick-start an incident and trigger automation.

  • Easily set up webhooks with your existing tools to trigger workflows from any alert.
  • Fully automate the beginning of an incident, from notifying right people together to creating tickets and chat channels.

Investigate and Classify Incidents Swiftly

Pull the graphs, logs, and data your teams need to determine the customer impact and severity of an incident, collaboratively through chat.

  • Automatically set up war rooms in Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  • Run automations from your channels to investigate and remediate faster.

Minimize Customer Impact

Reduce escalations with runbooks that empower anyone on-call to diagnose and remediate incidents

  • Enable your team with runbooks that provide human-in-the-loop automation, tracking of action items, and documentation.
  • Roll back a change, scale a cluster, or restart a server — even auto-remediate repetitive issues.

Drive Change with Powerful Insights

Visualize and analyze your team’s response to incidents and events so you can get better every time.

  • Simplify compliance and learn from past incidents with automatic incident timelines
  • Turn incidents into opportunities to learn with the data your team needs to drive impactful change.

Automate Incident Management With the Power of AI

Automate across infrastructure, systems, tools, and events with hundreds of pre-built scripts and AI-powered actions.

  • Trigger automation from alerts, custom forms, or Slack.
  • Automate almost anything with AI-generated actions that extend the power of any integration.

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