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  • Unlimited Runbooks
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Optimize your processes and expand automation across incident management.

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  • Unlimited Runbooks
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • 60 Responders
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Achieve operational excellence with fully automated incident management and create self-healing systems.

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  • Unlimited Runbooks
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Unlimited Responders
  • On-Call for Responders
  • Unlimited Automations
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Unlimited Incident Types

Frequently asked questions#

How long is the free trial?#

The free trial is 14 days.

What are Runbooks?#

Runbooks enable organizations to document their best practices around managing incidents. In addition, automation can be run directly from runbooks, greatly reducing the time to triage, investigate, and resolve incidents.

What user roles does Transposit provide?#

Transposit has four tiers of users: Owners, Admin, Responder, and Viewer. The number of Responders in the pricing above includes Responders, Admins, and Owners.

What are Automations?#

Automations (called Scripts in the product), allow you to automate one or more actions (e.g. create Slack channel, start Zoom meeting, etc.). Scripts can also include conditional logic, looping, and user inputs either at the beginning of the Script or anywhere in its lifecycle. Scripts can be triggered automatically at the start of an incident or if the incident's state is changed, or manually anywhere within an ongoing incident.

What are Integrations?#

Integrations allow you to connect Transposit to external tools and services. By integrating with your external tools and services, you can receive alerts and automate interactions with them (e.g. read from, write to, etc.). Each tool you connect is defined as one integration.

What are Incident Types?#

Incident types enable you to customize different types of incidents. For each incident type, you can:

What are Custom Fields?#

Custom Fields are Incident Type Fields that are not available as default fields in Transposit. You can create custom fields to fit your team’s specific needs.

Default fields include:

What if I need more integrations, automations, responders, or other features?#

We’re always happy to talk with you about your specific needs. Reach out to Sales.

What is provided with On-Call?#

On-Call is currently in Beta. It enables teams to create on-call rotations and escalation policies. Each user has the ability to choose their contact method(s) (text, phone, or email). Admins have the ability to create on-call rotations and escalation policies to set active times in day and week, choose handoff times, add overrides, and choose escalation time delays.

How does your On-Call pricing work?#

We have a usage-based approach to on-call pricing. You can add anyone as a “Viewer” in Transposit and add them to on-call schedules and rotations. If a “Viewer” is paged, we will bump them up to a “Responder” role for the rest of the month (giving them all the features and functionality that align with that role). After the month, we will bring them back down to a “Viewer” role. Any extra Responders over your allotted amount in your pricing tier will be charged $50/user/month. You will be charged pro rata based on when in the month a user was changed to a “Responder” (i.e. if a “Viewer” is paged on the 15th of the month, we will charge $25/month for that user).

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