Rethinking ITSM for Modern Operations

May 12, 2021 | Recorded

Over the past decade, the explosion of cloud infrastructure and managed services has transformed the engineering and IT operations landscape. The world that ITSM was built for has changed, but many of its original goals are still aligned with today’s infrastructure needs. RedMonk’s Principal Analyst and Co-founder Stephen O’Grady and Transposit’s CTO and Founder Tina Huang discuss operating in this cloud-dominant era. They share which legacy IT practices should be propelled forward and which need to be adapted to better suit our new environment, as well as the obstacles organizations are facing in their modernization journey.

Rethinking ITSM for Modern Operations

Get insight into:

  • The original goals of ITSM and their alignment with our modern service and operations needs
  • Incorporating agile and DevOps practices into ITSM systems and processes
  • Whether you need a CMDB when adopting DevOps practices
  • Whats next for DevOps, SRE, and IT Operations teams managing cloud software deployment and infrastructure

About the speakers:#

Stephen O'Grady, RedMonk Principal Analyst and Co-founder#

Stephen founded RedMonk with James Governor in 2002 and currently serves as a Principal Analyst with the firm. Regularly cited in publications such as the New York Times, BusinessWeek, and the Wall Street Journal, Stephen's work revolves around understanding developer needs and trends and working with businesses to help them work more effectively with the New Kingmakers. Previously, he worked for Keane, Dialogos (now defunct), Blue Hammock, and Illuminata. He holds a BA in History from Williams College and is based in Maine. Despite not being from Boston, he is an avid Red Sox fan.

Tina Huang, Transposit CTO and Founder #

Tina is the Founder and CTO of Transposit. She believes in taking a human-centric approach to solving complex engineering problems and encourages engineers to practice end-to-end ownership while breaking down the silos in engineering organizations. Prior to Transposit, Tina held engineering positions at Apple, Google, and Twitter. Tina received her electrical engineering and computer sciences degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She studied humanities at the University of Chicago, framing her viewpoint on human-technology interaction.

Moderated By: Taylor Barnett
Taylor Barnett is a Senior Community Engineer at Transposit. She is passionate about building great developer and operator experiences with an emphasis on empathy and inclusion within product, documentation, and other community-focused projects. She’s previously worked in Developer Relations at Stoplight,, and software engineering at RealMassive and IBM.