Sneak Peek: Transposit Product Demo

March 24th, 2022 | Recorded

SRE's & TechOps teams need a better way to automate.

The explosion of SaaS tools, APIs, and microservices have increased the complexity of managing infrastructure and operations. 

Transposit reduces complexity by bringing people, processes and APIs together through connected workflow. Human-machine automated workflows allow teams to deliver great customer experiences, expand automation and drive consistency, and simplify audits and compliance.

... AND you can do it all in Slack.

View this demo to see how Transposit:

  • Modernizes incident management by automating response, ensuring stakeholder visibility, and enhancing context & actionability — with automatic audit trail
  • Makes rapid change safe and consistent with self-service workflows that provide guardrails
  • Simplifies audits and compliance with an automatic audit trail of human and machine actions
  • Connects workflows across your cloud stack with its API-first architecture (not to mention the 200+ pre-built integrations)