Sneak Peek: Transposit Product Demo

Nov 11th, 2021 | Recorded

The explosion of SaaS tools, disjointed workflows and documentation, and lack of clear visibility into the moving parts throughout operations are exacerbating the division between dev and ops teams. Dev teams want to move faster and stay agile, and ops teams need to maintain governance.

Transposit bridges this gap with its DevOps process orchestration platform by harnessing the power of both human and machine data across SaaS apps and APIs. This enables teams to incrementally automate processes and maintain end-to-end visibility across the software and infrastructure lifecycle.

Watch now to see how Transposit:

  • Accelerates event response with automated runbooks that bring humans in the loop at critical junctures
  • Makes rapid change safe and consistent with self-service workflows that provide guardrails
  • Connects workflows across your cloud stack with its API-first architecture (not to mention the 200+ pre-built integrations)
  • Meets compliance requirements with an automatic audit trail of human and machine actions