AI-Powered Incident Management

The only solution that combines an on-call AI copilot and end-to-end automation — so you can boost operational efficiency and resolve incidents faster.

Seamless automation. Zero toil.

Automate incident coordination, triage, and remediation, creating a clear path from alert to resolution.

AI that accelerates response and resolution

Our AI guides you through incidents, detecting potential incidents, providing suggestions & summaries, and surfacing automations.

On-call that goes beyond the wake up call

Shift from reactive to strategic, with contextual alerts and guided automation that sharply cut down your MTTR.

Don’t just start incidents.
Resolve them.

So much more than communication orchestration, Transposit helps you through every phase of the incident response process so you can understand alerts, resolve incidents faster, and drive impactful change.

A copilot for SREs — it’s AI that’s got your back

Our AI revolutionizes how you manage incidents by providing suggestions, surfacing automations, and accelerating response and resolution.

  • Analyzes your Slack conversations to detect potential incidents and suggest next steps.
  • Guides you through incidents, surfacing automations and making status updates.

Automate the entire incident lifecycle

We bring on-call management and incident response seamlessly together so you can automate, collaborate, and resolve incidents faster.

  • On-Call calendars & escalation policies
  • Webhook-powered alerts & automation
  • Automated runbooks that combine documentation & automation

Manage incidents end-to-end from Slack

Automatically set up war rooms and run automations from your channels to investigate and remediate faster. We automatically record all Slack actions and conversations to the Timeline.

  • Auto-create incidents and Slack channels from any alert
  • Pull logs, metrics, and graphs into channels
  • Run scripts to resolve incidents, like scaling a server or rolling back a change

Retrospectives in seconds

Visualize and analyze your team’s response to incidents and events so you can get better every time. Learn from past incidents with AI-generated incident summaries, automatic incident Timelines, and incident metrics.

  • AI-generated incident summaries with key events
  • Automated retrospectives
  • Automatic timelines of every action, from automations to Slack conversations

Leave no tool behind. We can connect to
anything with an API.

Automate workflows across all your tools, services, infrastructure, and events. Integrate with your tools to unlock hundreds of pre-built actions, and easily create new actions using the power of AI.

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