Serverless integration for
a data-connected world

The better way to build applications

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Powerful data layer

Relational queries across data sources anywhere — whether it lives in SaaS behind APIs or in a database in your datacenter or in the cloud.


Managed auths

A serverless platform that makes it easy to build enterprise-grade authenticated applications integrating multiple authenticated data sources.


Intuitive UI

Tooling to rapidly build and test your application backend and an observability stack to debug and monitor your deployed integrations.

Put the fun back into building apps

Transposit simplifies how applications are built, deployed, and managed. It brings the simplicity of a relational database to your diverse data ecosystem. It provides a delightful interface for building data-fueled APIs plus a zero ops way to scale and deploy. Focus on the fun, not the tedium.

Adam Leventhal, CEO

Adam has spent his career building software and systems for the most demanding production environments. He was one of the authors of DTrace and built the ZFS Appliance at Sun. As CTO of Delphix, he scaled the engineering team from a dozen to a hundred. Adam is happiest diagnosing systems, from the chip to the transpiler, or spending time with his wife, sons, and two dogs.

Tina Huang, CTO

Tina started her career building application frameworks at Apple. She's built robust infrastructure for high scale companies such as Google and Twitter. She was a founding engineer at Sigma and wrote the initial product backend at Winnie. Nothing fires her up like a well-craf