The State of DevOps Automation 2022 Report

Bring calm
to the chaos

Connected workflow gives TechOps and SREs visibility, context, and actionability across people, processes, and APIs.

Deliver more value to your business and customers

Deliver Great Customer Experiences
Serve developers and end users better with reduced risk from change, faster innovation, and enhanced reliability.
Increase Operational Efficiency
Accelerate event response, collaborate effectively with context-rich data, and enable ops to save time and move faster.
Simplify Audits and Compliance
Meet requirements across your cloud stack with an automatic audit trail of human and machine actions.

Your path to driving operational maturity

Incident response automation
Accelerate response, coordinate swiftly, and reduce MTTR.
Runbook documentation
Turn static wikis into interactive runbooks.
Audit trail
Capture the full history of actions taken throughout the system.
Continuous feedback loop
Improve processes and automation with runbook insights.
Onboarding and offboarding
Automate operational tasks to onboard and offboard employees.
Service request automation
Reduce the toil of repetitive, manual IT tasks.
Self-service infrastructure
Enable devs to move faster with self-service workflows with guardrails.
Change approval workflows
Alert approvers when needed, let machines do the rest.

Human & machine integrated

Transposit provides a fully integrated, data-driven approach that enhances actionability and human judgment.
Activities Runbooks Actions Timelines Connectors
Actionability Context Visibility
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