New Transposit feature: user settings

Newly added user settings lets you build even more customizable apps, bots, and webhooks. The redesigned user configuration page prompts users to authenticate data connections and adds fields for settings you define–Jira project, Slack channel, AWS ECS cluster.

Tina Huang, Founder and CTO
Jun 18th, 2019

A much-loved feature of Transposit users is our managed authentication. We handle per-user, per-data connection authentication (and re-authentication) so that you don’t have to. But there’s other per-user stuff that you might want to keep track of–the Slack channel users want notifcations posted to, the Google Sheet they’ve selected, or the AWS ECS cluster they want to work with. In the most recent Transposit release, we’ve added support for customizable user settings. You specify the per-user information you want to track, and Transposit generates the fields for the user to fill in alongside the buttons to authenticate with data connections.

We’ve also made the user configuration page the default web page for users visiting your app (no more clicking “settings” on an otherwise blank page 🙄). Check it out!

You can configure the data connectors you’d like your user to authorize as well as the user settings through the User Configuration page.

And then access those user settings and authenticated data connectors through any Transposit operation with user_setting.get(...):

You can sign in (or sign up!) to start playing with the new feature. Or check out the docs for configuration or using settings from JavaScript.

The new user configuration has been showing up in all the apps, bots, and webhooks we’ve been building. Here are some examples that might get your creative juices flowing:

  • Customized Jira Slack bots, attuned to each users’ needs
  • Configurable CloudWatch notifications
  • Slackbots for task management (our very fussy CEO finally built his dream Slackbot)

Drop us a line if you get stuck or if you build something you’re proud of! I love seeing the creativity of our users!