End-to-end incident response automation

Reduce manual toil, stay connected to your team, and resolve incidents faster.

15x faster

to bring the right people together during incidents

20x faster

to move from alert through investigation

Save 2+ hours

with automated
post-incident reports

Simple to use. Powerful by design

Run incidents from Slack

Create incidents, keep stakeholders informed, and run automations from Slack.

AI-powered automation

Create automations in seconds with Transposit’s generative AI technology.

Get started in minutes

Leverage dozens of pre-built incident templates for popular use cases.

Expertly manage every incident

Reduce MTTR and improve customer experiences with event-driven automation and runbooks that guide teams through every phase of the incident lifecycle.

Incident Creation

Reduce the first ten steps to instant

Seamlessly receive webhook events from any alert or service, automating incident creation, triggering workflows, and enabling on-call notifications.

  • Connect all your existing tools like DataDog, New Relic, Dynatrace, BigPanda, and more.
  • Fully automate incident setup, from creating tickets and chat channels to bringing your team together.
On-Call Management

Instantly reach the right people

Accelerate response with custom on-call rotations, escalation policies, and triggered workflows from any alert.

  • Notify responders via phone, text, email, or Slack.
  • Reduce noise with alert deduplication and customizable routing rules based on source or payload.
Incident Communication

Collaborate with ease across teams

Manage incidents from chat and easily keep stakeholders across the organization informed.

  • Auto-create war rooms in Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  • Email executives, notify stakeholders in chat, and update tickets — all through a single script.
Investigation & Remediation

Take action with confidence

Reduce escalations with runbooks that provide human-in-the-loop automation, tracking of action items, and documentation.

  • Investigate with your team by pulling logs, metrics, and graphs into your chat channel.
  • Roll back a change, scale a cluster, or restart a server — even auto-remediate repetitive issues.
Continuous Improvement

Learn & improve from every incident

Turn incidents into opportunities to learn with the data your team needs to drive impactful change.

  • Continually improve processes and simplify compliance with automatic timelines that capture every action.
  • Access metrics that help your team learn and improve.

Ready to see Transposit in action?

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