Slacktember: a month of Slack apps

Hold on to your Pumpkin Spice Lattes, people — Slacktember is here!

Adam Leventhal
Sep 3rd, 2019

We 🛠 Slack

Five years ago I was still using IRC and Jabber… like a caveman. Now Slack is the new normal for collaboration (… or Teams if you’re wall-to-wall Microsoft. Stay tuned, we haven’t forgotten you.) Sure, messaging is better than in the bad old days, but Slack is way more than messaging. We can build powerful extensions that turn it into an interface for anything and everything.

Really though, UIs are hard. And when your whole team is already looking at Slack, adding commands and bots makes things easy. Easy to find. Easy to use. And way easy to build.

A month of customization

So, what exactly is Slacktember? Transposit makes it a snap to connect Slack to the systems you use, to build bots, automation, and slash commands. For the month of September we’ll be sharing apps built in the Slack ecosystem.

The best Slack apps are the ones perfectly adapted to your needs. The Slack App Directory has over 15k listings, but Slack workspaces use over 450k custom integrations every week. One size doesn’t fit all. When you want to build a Slack extension that’s tailored to your specific needs, Transposit handles the overhead so you get to focus on the fun. Imagine connecting Slack to AWS, Jira, or CircleCI without worrying about auth!

Check it out

Stay tuned for apps you can use, fork, and customize. Want to catch every scintillating app, automation, and API? Follow @transposit on Twitter. Share your own #Slacktember apps and @ us 👍