DevOps Cat Teaches Datadog About Human-in-the-Loop

A recent talk about automation at the Dash Conference

Taylor Barnett
Aug 13th, 2020

This week we spoke at Datadog’s Dash conference, and DevOps Cat made a new friend, Datadog. DevOps Cat shared how automation is much more than just one thing and how it is a whole spectrum that human-in-the-loop automation is a part of.

Our relationship with automation can be tricky when the task we want to automate needs to be context-aware and depend on the different factors that humans impact. For example, have you ever asked a teammate about a problem, and the answer was, “It depends…” This is where human-in-the-loop automation can be beneficial.

Human-in-the-loop allows us to progressively automate while letting humans still be part of the process. That’s why DevOps Cat chooses humans and machines for the future because DevOps Cat knows that machines can’t take over the whole automation process.

You can watch the full video below, including ways to practice human-in-the-loop automation while responding to incidents with Datadog: