DevOps Cat’s Guide To Automation - Part One

How to strategically automate around your human to get what you want

Image of Yoko Li Yoko Li · Jul 7th, 2020


As I spend my pandemic days WFH thinking about how human-in-the-loop automation can make life easier for on-call engineers, Pixel and Cookie have been keeping me company. I realized one day that they have been automating around me for years, creating the perfect interactivity between human and machine to maximize their desired outcomes. They are the DevOps Cats, and this is their story.

Part One - Automate Everything?#

"Automate everything," they say. Pictures of Auto Cat Feeder, Auto Cat Walker, Auto Litter Box, Auto Cat Treadmill.

But as we know, automation inevitably introduces failure modes. Cat saying, "It wasn't me," next to broken litter box.

Failures cost time and energy. They also introduce new incidents. Ticket saying, "New incident: your cat has pooped out of his litter box. "I'm not a ran of the rotating litter box" he says."

We have to choose what to automate wisely. Spectrum of Automation with manual, checklist, Human-in-the-Loop, orchestration, ML/AI.

Will Pixel and Cookie teach their human how to automate more strategically? Stay tuned for our next installment, and follow us @Transposit.